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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Your Periodontal Health & Your Cardiovascular Health

Periodontal disease is a serious bacterial infection that destroys the attachment fibers and the bone that holds your teeth in place. When this occurs, the gums separate from the teeth forming pockets that fill with plaque and more infection. If left untreated, the pockets deepen and the teeth become loose & will eventually fall out.
Having this bacterial infection leads to higher levels of toxic bacterial components into the blood stream which may lead to a future stroke and cardiovascular disease.
Important Facts:
Approximately 15% of adults ages 21-50 and 30% of those 50 and older have periodontal disease.
Along with your oral health, all risk factors for cardiovascular disease must be managed (smoking, weight, and diabetes).
Eliminating periodontal disease saves teeth and, as evidence shows, even your heart!

The importance of regular checkups ensures a healthy, disease-free mouth!!
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