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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What is Occlusion?

You've heard your dentist say the word but did you know what it meant? In dental terms occlusion is the way the teeth touch when you bite the teeth together. They should touch in a certain way; certain areas of the upper tooth need to hit specific areas of its partner tooth in the lower jaw. When they don't touch or occlude properly, that's called malocclusion or a "bad bite".

The bite or occlusion can also affect the jaw joint - a malocclusion can help cause a dysfunction of the joint which could then cause problems like localized pain to symptoms as remote as back pain. Orthodontics not only treats the bite but the jaw and the joint, so a thorough and studied diagnosis needs to be done before any orthodontics is started.

A Healthy Smile = straight teeth that occlude (fit together) well + harmonious jaw joint

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