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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Socket Preservation/ Bone Augmentation

If you've ever had a tooth that your dentist was unable to preserve, Dr. Bertolini recommends that the extraction site should be augmented.
Why do an augmentation?
Bone in the jaw is kept strong and healthy when a healthy tooth is in place. When a tooth has to be removed, the bone in and surrounding the socket loose stimulation and the bone volume begins to to decrease as does the gum tissue. When this happens, ones ability to speak and chew is also affected negatively.
What is augmentation? 
If the site is augmented it will preserve the bone around the extraction site. It will help retain the height and width of the jawbone for future use by an implant or as a better foundation for a partial.
What does this involve?
When Dr. Bertolini extracts a tooth, because the tooth socket is small, it can be filled with an augmentation material. He prefers to use an artificial bone material that conducts your own bone to grow into the area. Using this type of material reduces atrophy and bone loss around the extraction site. If the site were not augmented, bone loss is normally about 60% in width and 40% in height and when augmented the loss is much less - between 10-15%.

Below are the before & after x-rays of the bone augmentation procedure done by Dr. Bertolini on his patient.

As you can see the augmented area is integrating with the augmentation material nicely and shows minimal decrease in bone or tissue volume.

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