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Monday, May 15, 2017

Dentures: What Are My Options?

Mini-implant retained denture
The main goal of dentures is comfort, natural appearance and normal function. Replacing missing teeth will help restore your smile and possibly even improve its look especially if you've lost your natural teeth due to disease or decay.

Options for replacement:

1. Full upper and lower dentures
2. Implant assisted
3. Implant supported

Replacing your teeth with a denture will aid your speech and eating but what about the health of your jaw bone? Once the teeth are no longer in place, the lack of stimulation overtime will cause your jaw bone to deteriorate and resorb (gradually break down and shrink). This loss of bone mass will make the fit of your dentures loose and create difficulty in speaking and eating. When this happens full dentures will eventually need to be remade to fit properly because they are fully supported by your jawbone. Proper denture care, repair and refitting is essential to maintaining optimal oral health.

If you opt for an implant assisted or implant supported denture there are many advantages. This type of denture is more stable and comfortable which allows for more natural biting, chewing and even smiling. The implants act as roots which will help preserve your jawbone. Implant retained dentures tend move less under function and feel more like natural teeth. The difference between the two is the number of implants placed in the jaw. Healthy bone is required to place any type of implant. When considering an implant-retained denture there are other options to consider (mini-implants, traditional implants) depending on your bone health. A consultation after a thorough examination of your mouth is the primary way to find your best option.

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