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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Custom Retainers & Bleaching Trays

Ever wonder what goes into making a retainer or custom bleaching tray? Well here's a hyper-fast version of Dr. Bertolini in action:

What's happening in this video?

First we will take an impression your teeth, then create a model from it. Next, a blue material (called block out resin) is placed in specific areas where Dr. Bertolini doesn't want the custom tray or retainer to fit too tightly and then it's hardened with the curing light. Then, he will place your model into the machine that will mold the tray material to your the model of your teeth, creating the perfect fit. The doctor will then trim the new custom tray from the model and shape it to fit comfortably on your gums. Then later that afternoon or the next day we fit you with your new custom trays or retainers and give you instructions on care and wear. Now you know all that goes into protecting and whitening your wonderful smile!

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